MarsBased conquered the Startup Grind

Captain's log, stardate d461.y35/AB

It's been two weeks since we attended the famous Startup Grind 2014 Global Conference in Mountain View, California, and we already look forward to next year's edition!

Read more to find out what happened in our first visit to Silicon Valley!

If you are not familiar with the Startup Grind, it's a recurring monthly event that aims to educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs worldwide. The Startup Grind is a growing community in over 70 cities in 30 different countries, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

People coming from all over the world travelled all the way to Mountain View to represent their startups or businesses. Investors, CEOs, developers, marketers, hackers, and all sorts of entrepreneurs attended the event in the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley.

There, we learnt the three Startup Grind principles:

The Startup Grind Values The Startup Grind Values

As Martians, and newcomers, we found these principles to be particularly welcoming. Want to know how do we apply them? Keep reading!

How we help others

First and foremost, we offer our expertise as a remote working dev shop. We are highly specialized in Ruby on Rails and the tech stack we wrote about in this blog entry. We guide you from the very birth of your business idea to its launch, by offering our end-to-end solutions based on our expertise and experience in web app development.

We can help your business if you…

  • … have no tech team.
  • … have a tech team but no real experience and require guidance, training and mentoring.
  • … are a big company who has got all of the above but needs more manpower and hassle-free development.

For solo entrepreneurs or startups, we build MVPs. MarsBased has startup DNA, and that gives us a deep understanding of what do startups need, by aligning with your business model and growth strategy.

How we make friends

We met a lot of people at Startup Grind. We remember each and everyone's faces and names. We enjoyed a good chat with everybody and look forward to meeting them again, wherever they live or in the next Startup Grind Global Summit.

Because we enjoy keeping track of their endeavours, we connected with them on the social networks. We are always open to meet new people, so feel free to connect with our social profiles and let's start a good conversation!

You can also meet us in real life by shooting us an e-mail, since we are frequent travellers and a distributed team. Remote working allows us to travel freely while getting our job done. If we're not around your area, we will schedule a video call.

Despite being Martians, we are actually very down-to-Earth guys ;)

Giving before taking

Giving before taking is one of the principles of altruism. And what is more altruistic than trying to change the world?

The Startup Grind guys came with a very nice initiative: the world-changing wall. All the attendees were encouraged to write how their company is changing the world.

How did we change the world Spot the hidden Martian message!

MarsBased is composed by three Martians driven to change the consultancy world for the better. We want to make consultancy friendly, fun, and down-to-Earth.

The usage of lean techniques, agile development methodologies, the "simpler is better" philosophy and our communication & collaboration tools are giving our consulting services a fresher touch. Our clients are already enjoying this closer approach.

And you? What are your company values? How do you plan to change the world? Share your opinion in the comments!

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

Developer who transitioned to the dark side: business development. Currently in charge of growth & strategy, by creating problems and then solving them. Guinness World Record in completing Day of the Tentacle in three hours.

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