Barcelona Startup Map (part 2)

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On Friday, 13th we attended the first Startup Grind Barcelona event held in the Mobile World Centre, right in the heart of Barcelona. As you might already know, we’re the technological partner of Startup Grind Barcelona (check out the website!).

Our CTO, Xavi, presented our latest project: Barcelona Startup Map. Here you will find some impressions!

The Martians attend Startup Grind Barcelona

More than 50 people witnessed the presentation of the map. First-time entrepreneurs, long running freelancers, investors and a very diverse audience saw the possibilities of this web app that connects the whole Barcelona Startup Ecosystem.

We did this tour of the app amidst other very interesting presentations about entrepreneurship in sport. We presented after Oriol Serra (Nektria) and Guillermo Llibre (Gymforless).

Startup Grind is always open to the community, and anybody is entitled to present their interesting projects to the entrepreneurial community.

Xavier Redó presenting the Barcelona Startup Map Xavier Redó, our CTO, presenting the Barcelona Startup Map

By the community, for the community

Barcelona Startup Map was first conceived as a tool to enable all the actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Barcelona to interact with each other, by being able to find one another in a map.

This way, startups can find all the similar businesses in their area, and other services of they might need. For instance, let’s suppose our friends at Dineyo (red marker) are looking for investment in their own neighborhood. They can filter by the Investors typology and zoom in their area. There, they will find Nauta Capital.

Now it’s up to them to convince Nauta Capital to lend them some money! We can’t help any further with that! :)

Barcelona Startup Map

Some numbers

The Barcelona Startup Map has been really well adopted since its release on the first week of June. It has had more than 50 signups in barely two weeks, which is almost five new registrations per day.

In order to increase participation, we’ve partnered with Startup Grind Barcelona to offer free entrance to the next SGBCN event to all companies registering before July, 15th! Register now and you’ll receive free tickets for the next Startup Grind on July, 15th with Marcos Alves (CEO @

Didn’t get yours? Send an email to to request your tickets or just to say hello :)

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

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