We've updated our handbook to include our new development workflow

Captain's log, stardate d658.y39/AB

As you might probably know, we have a long document called the "MarsBased Handbook" where we try to describe all our procedures and how do we work.

Guide with compass - Photo by Tim Graf on Unsplash

It's a document aimed at new employees, who are not familiar with our processes and rituals, but it serves as a guide to veteran Martians too: our company culture, first day in the company, development guides, what we do, how to request time off, etc.

Last week, we updated the document to reflect our new development workflow based on Linear. You can find it here, but don't hesitate to check the other sections of the Handbook if it's your first time reading the document.

The MarsBased Handbook, one of our most precious resources, is open-sourced under the GNU license, so feel free to download it, change it and use it however you want.

Attribution is always appreciated!

Jordi Vendrell Farreny

Jordi Vendrell Farreny

Librarian turned into web developer. Jordi runs operations & financials at MarsBased. He is also in charge of putting quality and order in everything we do, not only in our projects. He's the Samurai of the company.

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