Be more available to the rest of the team

Captain's log, stardate d631.y39/AB

At MarsBased, we've been following the "Less is more" approach in many areas. We prefer to develop fewer features and, then, evolve them. We prefer to have a limited set of tools over too many of them doing small things. We like to reduce meetings to their minimum expression. And, after 8 years of running the company, we don't even have accounting software.

How we interview developers

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Every week, we're approached by ten or fifteen different companies who need to hire developers.

After having serviced dozens of different companies, ranging from big corporates to one-man startups, we can share a bit of our secret sauce. In this blog, we will talk about how we interview them.

My tips for public speaking for tech people

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Wow! I am still exhausted about my panel last week at the second edition of the Startup Grind Barcelona annual conference. It's been a long time since I had last spoken in front of such a large audience.

We, tech people, aren't too inclined to speak publicly. We might speak at minor tech events, or even in some small tech conferences, but rarely ever in front of big audiences. Let me share my tips with you!

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