Official statement regarding Startup Grind Barcelona events during the MWC week

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Here's our statement regarding the Startup Grind Barcelona events during the week of Mobile World Congress.

Startup Grind Barcelona event

Despite the cancellations of this year's edition of Mobile World Congress and 4 Years From Now, we have decided to maintain our agenda and host the events of Startup Grind Barcelona during February 24-26th.

The Corporate Innovation Summit (February 24th), organised in partnership with ACCIÓ and F6S for heads of innovation and CIOs of big multinationals - tickets are sold out, but join the waitlist! - and the VC Night (February 25th) remain unaffected by the MWC/4YFN cancellations. The other event we had planned for February 26th, An Evening With Twilio is being reworked right now as Twilio cancelled their visit to Barcelona, but we're holding talks with other companies to host it anyways.

We, from MarsBased and Startup Grind, plan to grow the offering of events for that week in order to cater to different audiences and to help those stranded by such an unprecedented turn of events. The Barcelona tech scene is rising to the occasion and showing an incredible strength to face this huge adversity.

We are already collaborating and holding talks with the affected companies and offering them our expertise in organising and hosting all kinds of business events and international conferences. We are currently doing so in over 500 of more than 125 different countries, in partnership with Google for Startups.

Since 2014, Startup Grind has become one of the main actors in the startup and tech ecosystems of Barcelona, by organising it and sponsoring it through MarsBased.

We have hosted at least one monthly event since March 2014, month in month out, with the most brilliant entrepreneurs and investors from the region, as well as three editions of an international conference, Startup Grind Tech, whose fourth edition will garner 1000 tech founders and investors from all over the globe during May 12-13th in Barcelona.

We look forward to helping more and more companies to make the most out of their upcoming trip to Barcelona next week, so do not hesitate to contact us!

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

Desarrollador convertido al lado oscuro: desarrollo de negocio. Experto en crear problemas y luego solucionarlos, se encarga del crecimiento y estrategia. Récord Guinness por completar Day of the Tentacle en tres horas.

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